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godaddy support quality is *excellent*!!! read on to know why…

on Dec 28, 2013 at 05L55am, i’ve been informed by godaddy support that my account setting changed, this is the email (click to enlarge): immediately i open and try to update my security setting, which required my account number (8 number and blured in that picture and that is the same as my record […]

build for native BB OS10

This is not howto, this is only my notes on how i build in Debian/Linux and cross compile it as share ARM shared library that is useable to use it on Blackberry OS10 devices. taken that Blackberry Native NDK is installed properly, and libssh2 source downloaded and extracted. first things first, setup environment for […]

Switch Back from Blackberry OS10 to OS7 device

comedy Original article on G+   my wife’s brand new Q10 (bought early august 2013) got problem with R key, when it pressed, it will not unpress, and keep producing r/R randomly. even worst, data/charge connection on this Q10 is somehow has a problem, it will charge, but it always failed when i try to […]

tinydns data file: quick & dirty guide

tinydns data file: quick configuration guide Credit goes to original writer:Pedro Venda Lisbon, 22 January, 2006 This document is a very brief hands-on description of the tinydns data file syntax. It features a table with all (or nearly all) kinds of configuration lines and an example domain written in 3 equivalent but different ways. Index […]


Raja Ampat, 2011, 16-22 Oct

update: this map is taken while i went there for second time on May 3rd, 2012 (2nd day of 5 days trip), tracked with BlackBerry Torch 9810, radio off because there are no coverage, only using build in GPS and program called “GPS Tracker” or something like that, i’m not sure.enlarge the map to have […]

Rentacoder lessons – I am a picky coder

after successfully completing my 3rd project on RAC, i learned some lessons. successful project determined by how picky i am. so far i only bid if i really really confident that i am 200% capable of completing the project. Looking at the bid request posts is not always sufficient to judge whether i’m able to […]

creating openldap2.3 deb package on debian 3.1r1 – pthread_create problem

i need to have syncrepl on my ldap implementation to substitute slurpd, but the server running debian 3.1r1 with openldap 2.2 which is not have syncrepl capability. so i get debian source of openldap 2.3, and began debian package creation. but at very last stage of package creation, it stoped. it complaints that pthreat_create can […]

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Protected: Fluffier, the location tracking for Blackberry OS10

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