qmail-ldap clustering for huge+high availability email server

This is not new technology, as a matter of fact, it’s been around since mid or late 1999.

Qmail-ldap, to me is one of the most sophisticated email system ever created which provide virtual user email account, native virtual domains, scalable capacity that able to handle huge amount of virtual domains and millions of email accounts with performace that is hard to bet by oyher email system, wide possibility of customization, lst but not least is implementation of very secure environment start from the design of core components like daemontools, ucspi-tcp, and qmail itself. And the mosinteresting feature of this system is a builtin clustering capabillity that virtually easy to implement.

One ISP here in Jakarta happened to have me helped the to this system from design phase until the system is ready to implement, too bad the thar they lack of commitment drove the migration from old vpopmail based email system to new shinning qmail-ldap cluster email system came to halt.

And about one month ago my own company requires new may system to serve new business that recently developed, and our hosted email system at godaddy will not able to coup our needs, besides that, the cost to buy additional email service at godaddy or else where is outragesly expensive, doesn’t make sense at all.

So I came up with idea to develop qmail-ldap email system instead, and along the way, been thinking of preparing this service commercially, at very low cost AND with virtually no limit on storage space, bandwidh, number of email account per domain, etc.

Rigth now, the single complete production qmail-ldap system along with self managed djbdns is ready, and I’m preparing to accuire new, bigger, faster server for the second system that will be capable to achieve my goal, commercial, affordable, and reliable email system with qmail-ldap clustering.

Update on Wed Nov 7 2012, 04:55:16 +7:

Commercial packaging that has crossed my mind:

  • 1 domain
  • Unlimited email accounts/domain
  • Unlimited mailbox size (noquota)
  • Unlimited forward accounts

with a bonus: unmanaged 1 web hosting space for 1 domain with unlimited space
for only about $80 USD annually.

Enough money talk, now back to the system.

Second system configured, tested, and running today. Everything seems to be perfectly working. So far there’s no integration between these two systems and will be done right after individual system advance test completed. Also DNS servers need to be configured to automatically synch and make sure auto failover runs smoothly.

Front end smtp with also need to be setup, it might required sometimes to get the hardware and setup the system. By the way, this is the big picture of the whole system:

                    +-->| qmail-ldap 1 |
                    +   +--------------+
+----------------+  +
| front end smtp |--+
+----------------+  +
                    +   +--------------+
                    +-->| qmail-ldap 2 |

and that is just for starter, in the future it will be qmail-ldap 3, 4, 5, etc.

Stay tune for more updates in not so distant future…
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